At least I think I’m funny

The other week I was on a date. We weren’t connecting particularly well and so I was making light, witty comments throughout the date. After one about how I wear Breathe Right strips to bed during allergy season (I swear it was related to the conversation at hand) didn’t really take off, I accidentally said out loud, “Well at least I think I’m funny.”

It was one of those out-of-body moments where as the words were coming out of my own mouth, I was on the outside looking in. I had no control over what I was saying.

“No, you’re very funny,” my date said with a shy smile as he gave me a look that actually said, “You’re scary & I’m glad we’re almost off this boat.”

I was mortified that I had just vocalised my very jaded, private thought (one that I think often on dates, frankly). I played it off probably okay (I know, I sound so confident in saying that) but it kept playing in the back of my head.

I mean, yes, I do think I’m funny. I laugh at my own jokes all the time, and shamelessly. And I appreciate when people find me clever or can laugh along with me – or even at me, I don’t care. My formative years were spent watching slapstick, where characters are shamelessly laughed at for their antics & naivete – and I honestly believe that slapstick (think Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton) unifies people and grants a dose of humanity.

To this end, I am very good at laughing at myself and offering myself up in jest in most situations. As I mentioned, I think humour can be unifying – it brings us all to the same level.

I have a handful of anecdotes that I share when a date is going poorly, or we just aren’t connecting. I’ve been told many times that I come off as too reserved or too intimidating on dates – so I try to use humour as a way to make myself seem friendly, open, and more vulnerable. Generally my anecdotes are about me being in an awkward situation – to show that I am not to be intimidated by, that I can laugh at myself, and that I’m really not actually that reserved (okay but I am).

A few of the anecdotes that I often pull out on dates include: the time when I was 18 and got dumped in the middle of a restaurant on Valentine’s Day and then my boyfriend cried in front of my dad to make it look like I had dumped him; the time when I was a freshman in high school and starred in our school play as a little boy who masturbated so hard he died; and the time I had a very poor experience drinking whiskey in an Irish pub in France, a story that includes a spiral staircase & someone slipping in my vomit & body-slamming against the wall.

You may think that these stories are unflattering or appalling but I honestly wouldn’t want to date someone who couldn’t laugh at them – my sense of humour tends to be very crass and is usually me laughing at myself. And I appreciate people who have very similar senses of humour.

And if a date doesn’t find me amusing well, then, at least I think I’m funny.

4 thoughts on “At least I think I’m funny

  1. Haha, your 18 year old boyfriend sounds like a catch! Humour is so important, you’re right to ignore boys who can’t laugh with you. I’m not particularly witty, I’m sarcastic and I make dad jokes and I enjoy it when people groan at them. One of my best friends has a knack of making bad jokes in the worst possible situations and I love her for it. I’m enjoying hearing all about your dating life, like a modern day Carrie Bradshaw! xx



    1. My boyfriend when I was 18 was sooooo atrocious but at least I have some amusing anecdotes from it! I’d like to think of myself as witty but I’d say my sense of humour is crass more than anything else. And I love people with similar senses of humour. My best friends are the ones I can laugh with the most. And good – I have a lot to write about pertaining to my dating life! Carrie Bradshaw was my inspiration! xx


  2. My boyfriend often comments on how hilarious I find my dorky jokes. Of course I find them funny, I made them. They are the purest examples of what my mind deems amusing! I hasten to add that he does find them funny too, sometimes. Or he’s just laughing at me laughing at me!


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