Don’t worry about the things you keep


I’m going to admit that the background on my personal computer is still a photo of me and my ex-boyfriend.

There have been many times when I’ve shielded it from friends and family, pulling up iTunes or email or anything that will cover the fact that J is still there, lingering on in my daily life.

Here are NOT reasons that this is my background screen:

  • I’m still in love with my ex
  • I desperately want to get back together with my ex
  • I look at the photo wistfully every night before bed
  • Self-preservation
  • I can’t let go

Here are the ACTUAL reasons this is still my background:

  • I’m lazy as fuck and don’t really care
  • I look hot & happy in the photo…it’s a reminder of my true potential for happiness – which I will find again, and with someone else
  • It’s a comforting moment of my life that is now past & that is fine – I do not want it back
  • I’m still single and have no awkward moral quandaries or feelings of guilt about it being there

One day I’ll change it and life will continue on, as if nothing has changed. Don’t worry about the things you keep so long as they bring you a healthy dose comfort.

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