The Millennial Side Hustle.

I recently read an article about the Millennial Side Hustle. Most of my friends have “side hustles,” as this author calls them. Photography, make up artistry, woodworking, realty, teaching yoga…

I spent my college career as a full-time student, working a 30-hour/week job, and blogging a consistent 2 – 4 times a week. Blogging was my side hustle. It was my freedom of expression and my outlet into creativity. It was where I had community and a blogging family. It led to underpaid gigs and free products in exchange for reviews. It was the thing I could talk passionately about and engage others in. I still have friends across the globe from my very early years blogging.

I think I’ve made about $500 from blogging, and that includes in-kind products, in my 8 years.

Not exactly a side hustle. But – it’s always been my creative outlet. It’s the thing I could talk about other than school or work (which were actually both quite interesting because I changed my major 5 times and worked in guest services at a shopping mall, but let’s not talk about how boring my life is now comparatively).

These days, post-blogging, when people ask me what I’ve been up to, or how my life is, I smile to myself and giggle uncomfortably and say, “Well….I have my job. And I still live in such & such neighborhood.” And then the conversation kind of putters off and I sit there trying to figure out what the hell I do with my life. Oh, I date a lot. After more than 2 years of singlehood, I’m 100% focused on dating. I’m channeling Charlotte from Sex & the City and assuming that if I set out with the intention of finding a husband, one will fall in my lap quickly enough. (It’s about what we’re putting out in the world, isn’t it?) I also drink alone at the bar a lot, where I know the bartender by name, and his cats’ names, too. I practice yoga almost every evening after work. Sometimes I make curry or go on walks, and I go to church almost every Sunday and sit on 3 different volunteer committees.

I’m not exactly living the interesting millennial side hustle lifestyle.

Although I’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging for long enough, and although I’ve had a dozen conversations with various friends about doing so, I’m not setting out with any clear intention. A number of friends want me to blog purely about my dating life (which, according to most, would qualify as hilarious & unfortunate; I would label it simply as doomed). Others want me to fashion blog again. Despite months of pondering, and questioning, and talking with friends, I still have no idea what the new purpose of my blog is.

But there were two catalysts to getting here.

I re-watched all of Sex & the City earlier this year. Aside from Charlotte inspiring me, I couldn’t help but notice how crass & immature Carrie’s musings about relationships were. I can write way better things about relationships than she can, I fumed night after night as I made it through all 6 seasons.

Secondly, the aforementioned article about the millennial side hustle. As I read the article, I couldn’t help but realize that I used to have something fun that I did on the side that helped me grow. I don’t have that anymore.

So here I am, hustling along with a blog which, unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I doubt will help me pay to live an extravagant lifestyle in NYC and buy $600 shoes (inflation not included) that wouldn’t even fit my size 2.5 kids feet.

But at least I’ll have something to talk about other than the fact I have a job and live in an apartment, right?


3 thoughts on “The Millennial Side Hustle.

  1. I am so glad to read your voice again, I’ve been waiting months for you to publish a new post!
    Blog because you love it, not because it’s ‘interesting.’ You ARE interesting, because you are a unique, individual human being crafted by God, and your voice matters.
    I’d certainly love it if you blogged more regularly! Also, as a nearly-22 year-old girl who has never had a boyfriend, I’d be intrigued to read all about your dating escapades!
    Have a wonderful day, I look forward to reading more of you soon! 🙂


    1. This makes my heart so glad! I am so so so happy to be back blogging, and even more happy to hear that people who have read my blog before are following along with this one. That makes my heart sing. I AM interesting! I just don’t know how to talk about myself sometimes. I love my job and the volunteer things I do. I have fun with my friends and in my life. And I’m excited to write about it. I’ve always been better at writing about things than I am talking about things. Thank you thank you thank you for your kind comment & for reading along once again xx


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