A Basic Intro

I began blogging, publicly, with my name and face attached to rambling words, when I was 15.

I’ve been at it a long time. Living a public life. Letting people into controlled facets of my existence – my wardrobe, my relationships, my back alleyway. Anecdotes about my jobs, my friends, my experiences in high school…and then in college…and then in post-grad life. My life has been very public for the few who have sought it out. And I’ve always liked it that way. I do not think that I was created to live a silent life. Although I am reserved and like to spend my evenings quietly entertained at home with my cat and a friend or two, I have always wanted to be heard.

I learned how to make myself heard starting at the age of 3, when I began speech therapy to correct a myriad of lisps that were making me otherwise unintelligible. I learned better how to express myself in high school, when I found myself lost in blogging and short story writing. I learned how to speak publicly when I began my first job at 16. And I learned how to be persuasive throughout college and internships and job interviews post-grad. I’ve studied communicating through photography, foreign language, fashion, yoga, painting, expression, and design. I’m now a non-profit communications professional. Communications is my life, and has been since it first fully engaged me at 3 years old.

When I transitioned my blog into something more “mature” at 20, it worked well for a couple of years until I dropped off.

One of the most common questions I am asked by old friends is, “Do you still blog?”


Speaking with my hands fluttering everywhere, I come up with a gazillion excuses. I’m too busy. I have nothing to say. I’ve lost my audience. I don’t take photos as much anymore. My focus is on other things. I’m behind a computer for my job too much now. I’ve just lost interest.

The real problem is this: I’ve been public since I was 15. My face has been attached to words and a deep identity for the past 8 years. I’ve been in magazines and local publications and other blogs and all over social media. I’ve been easy to track and an icon of millennial vulnerability & the casually public life – or at least, in my small corner of the world, I have been. I’ve grown up online. And that scares me.

But, I still have things to say.

After more than a year of blogging sporadically and without much heart in my words, I am back. Here with a fresh start and a new space. I’m not here to show a dozen photos of what I wore, or to wax poetic about why I chose to wear what shoes, or what dress, or how I did my hair. I’m just here to say the things that I feel like saying – with heart and thought and care.

I look forward to once again sharing what I have to say. I believe I was created to communicate vast things and thoughts and ideas, so here I am. Again. 8 years after beginning.

4 thoughts on “A Basic Intro

  1. I am so glad you now choose to be a “commentator” and “columnist”.
    You have insight and perspectives to impart to others. Writing your viewpoints is what’s most important.
    …in my opinion anyway.


    1. Thank you, Tal! I am so happy to be back, and I agree….it’s just about writing. Not worrying about anything else. We all have stories and thoughts and experiences to share. Thank you for coming to hear mine ❤


  2. I’ve always loved your writing! You write with such honesty, it feels so easy to connect with you over the computer. I completely understand what you mean about losing the motivation to blog. It’s happened to me too as I’ve become a “real” adult with a full time job. I always used to rush home to blog, or scribble down post ideas on the train or at lunch during my internship but I haven’t worked out how to fit it into my new schedule yet. I’m so glad you’re back! xx


    1. Jess! I’m SO glad you came by my blog! You are one of those bloggers who gave me community for so many years and I treasure that, and you, so much.

      I was having the same problems – I hardly even had time to take photos, and my words always sounded half thought out and ingenuine. Even though I’ve always considered myself a “fashion blogger,” my words really mattered to me. I hated to just throw up some photos with empty words. I’m so glad to be back. I hope that you’ll be back into the swing of things sometime soon, too. It took me two years to figure it out, but I’m here xx


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